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Music Industry Consulting
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I represent songs, critique songs, write songs and champion songs. I love the business of songs and think it's such a privilege to be able to work with songs and songwriters every day.

If you’ve got songs you’re stuck on, admin tasks put off for too long, need to learn the biz side, get feedback on your catalog, or get a 10,000 foot view of your career and dreams, I can help.

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From Clients

“Thank you for your great contributions to the Berklee Online Collaboration class lectures. Those
are so beneficial to the students, whether or not they realize it at the moment. You can feel good
knowing you are offering invaluable advice and direction that can positively impact their careers.
All you do is greatly appreciated and you are deeply valued”

Neil Diercks

Course Author

Berklee School Of Music, L.A.

“Sumiko uses and shares with her clients a wide range of resources that have been curated by her over the years in the service of her own self awareness, growth and success. She wants results and satisfaction for her clients as much as she desires those things for herself. For any songwriter/artist who needs assistance in getting her or his proverbial act together, Sumiko will give you a supportive push, help you find purpose, direction, confidence, and a solid path to achieving your wildest and seemingly unattainable dreams.”

Arielle Eden

New York

“Over the last several years, Sumiko has helped guide many of our projects to the finish line. Her constructive feedback & guidance with not only the lyrical content, but also our song concept/hook delivery,  overall emotional impact of the songs, and even the performances & production elements within our demos has been an essential piece of our successes.  Sumiko’s attention to these details gives us the best opportunities for our demos to consistently hit the mark!”

Robb Smith

Los Angeles / Nashville


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Industry Experience

  • Catalog Management for hit songwriter Barrett Baber (Sony ATV Publishing Nashville)

  • Catalog Management for multi-platinum songwriter Kenny Lamb (Warner/Chappell Nashville)

  • Berklee School of Music – Berklee Online Songwriting Degree Classes – Regular Guest Speaker

  • Music Biz Annual Conference 2019 "Holding Space for Diverse Voices” – Panelist

  • Indie Connect – Plugging into Nashville Boot Camp – Regular Guest Speaker

  • Speed Pitch – Industry Professional Events for Songwriters – Host

  • MTM – Marketing Through Music – A&R and Song Casting for Brand Partnerships

  • NARIP – National Association of Record Industry Professionals – Sync Opportunities for Writers and Publishers

  • Assistant to independent music publisher Steve Bloch – Song Casting for Doug Johnson (Black River Entertainment)

  • Song Pitching for Demolition Music Publishing and Steve Dorff’s catalog

Recent Speaking Engagements

Guest Mentor - Smartist U Managers Club Live Masterclass


Songwriting Consulting

Where is the bar for commercially viable songwriting and how do you get there from here? What are your career goals as a songwriter?

Song Critiques

What would it take to push your songs from "good" to "great"? 

Do you need honest feedback that can elevate a song in ways that give it a real chance at being cut?

Feedback Live

How often have you gotten feedback on a finished song only to realize you could have gone down different roads earlier in the writing process? Feedback Live gives real-time creative direction in the write.

Catalog Management

What's the path forward for registration, royalty management, and monetization for your songs? Where do you even start on the legal and admin side of things?

Music Industry Consulting

What is the lay of the land? How do you navigate the often confusing waters of the music industry? What's the best way to develop your relationship-building skills?

A&R Services

How do you find that next great song that will take you as an artist to the next level? Which songs in your catalog are the best to invest in?


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